Warsaw’s breaking news

This week in Warsaw and all over Poland it was very cold.
Temperatures in Warsaw were from -10 to -20.
From Friday to Sunday (2-4 March) was the world championship in athletics.
Poles have won 5 medals.
Gold – Adam Kszczot in the 800 m race, Men’s Relay race 4 x 400 meters
Silver – Marcin Lewandowski in the 1500 m run, Women relay race 4 x 400 meters Brown – Piotr Lisek Pole vault
A special achievement is the breaking of the world record in the Men’s Relay race 4x400m with time 3.01.77.
We already know who will represent Poland in the Eurovision competition, Gromee and Lukas Meijer with song  “Light Me Up”

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