(Olivenza, March 2018)

From 15th  to 18th of February Carnival took place in our town

This party began on Thursday 15th  of February with the traditional dance of Elders, which is done in a center where go old people to spend their free time. There they enjoyed an afternoon dancing and having fun.

On Friday 16th  of February in the afternoon there was a parade in which some groups go out to the streets with their costumes and also were developed magic and music shows until 20.30. And at 20:30 there was a contest in which sang three murgas of our town (“Los Invisibles”, “Los 3W” and “Los Camballotas”) and other from Badajoz (“Los Informales”)

If you don’t know which is a murga…a murga is a group of people that sings songs accompanied by guitars and percussion. The lyrics of the songs are usually of situations that are happening in the country at the moment, that is to say, they sing with humor the actuality that is lived in a country, city …

And also in the contest the two comparsas of our town (“Donde vamos la Liamos” and “Tarakanova”) made us dance with their music. A comparsa is a group in which a lot of people dance and they are accompanied by percussion and all of them wear the same costume which is make by themselves.

On Saturday we saw the parade where groupings and groups left us hallucinated with their costumes, which started at 17:30, but the party followed with a DJ until dawn.

On Sunday we saw the parade accompanied by the dead sardine, although it sounds a little strange, a Spanish tradition is that the last day of Carnival we burn a giant sardine made of cardboard, but before we go “crying” his death.

Is definitely a party where you only need imagination and smiles.


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