(School, March 2018)

As all of you know Carnival have been celebrate recently.
In our school we have a Murga, its name is “The Invisibles”. It is the second year of our Murga.
This year the Murga counts with 17 students of 3rd and 4th grade of Secondary  and they were helped by three teachers of our center Paco Chicote who has written all the songs, Víctor Zahínos who has support them a lot and Pedro Núñez who has played the percussion.
The theme of the murga is chosen each year depending of the library of the school … and this year the costumes and the songs were about the book “Eighty days Around the World”.
After five months of hard work and effort the Murga has sung a lot of times during the Carnival!
On 4th of February participated at Combita’s contest also sang more murgas of others municipalities. The Invisibles got the 4th place and they can’t be more proud!
On 16th of February in the morning the group sang at the other high school we have at Olivenza and in the afternoon they sang at Olivenza’s Carnival at 20:30 was celebrate a contest in which the group could shared scenario with others murgas like 3W, Los Camballotas and Los Informales.
The days 19th, 20th and 21st of February they sang at the residents of old people of Olivenza they have told has that it was a beautiful experience.
On 25th of February they moved to San Benito and San Jorge which are two little villages next to Olivenza.
Here you have a link to see the acting that  they made in the Combita’s contest:
We have also asked to some of the members their experince:
-It has been a beautiful experience and it made us see the Carnival in a different way (:by Esperanza Rodríguez)
-It has been something incredible, even impossible to explain. I highlight the effort, work and dedication of all the members (by: Ester Pacheco)
-The best carnivals of my life (by: Alejandro Fernández)
-I have learned to see the Carnival in the most beautiful way there is (by: Blanca Gutiérrez)
-It has been amazing!! Definitely the best Carnival I have lived (by: Lucía González)
-It has been an unforgettable experience. Especially when you realize that all the essays and the time we have devoted to it has been worth it (by: Virginia Aceituna)
-It was unmatched, something that I haven’t done before and I like it a lot! (by: Javier Fernández)


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