(Spain, March 2018)

The penultimate day of OT, the public chose the Eurovision representatives.

There is an excellent programme in Spain, called “Operación Triunfo” that is abbreviated “OT”. In that programme, there are sixteen contestans that compete to win the competition.

The winner of the programme was Amaia.

For this, they go to an academy for learn to sing better and get more experience. Finally, when the programme finished, they get to be famous and the first five finalist did video clips of the songs that they composed.

This year, the contestans of “OT” fought to represent Spain in Eurovision.

Eurovision will be in Portugal. Each year is done in the place where the winner from, the last edition won Salvador Sobral, so that year Eurovision will be in Lisbon (Portugal).

During the programme, the last five contestans (Aitana, Ana Guerra, Miriam, Alfred and Amaia) had the opportunity of be able to sing some songs that have been composed for them and the audience would choose the winner. That contestant would be the Eurovision representative of Spain.

The public chose the song of Alfred and Amaia called “Tú canción” that means “ Your song”. During this time they have been doing the videoclip and promotioning for several Spanish television programs.

The Spain representatives are:

· Amaia; She is the winner of the programme. Her name is Amaia Romero Arbizu and she is from Pamplona(Navarra, autonomous community of Spain).She is 19 years and she fell in love with Alfred in OT (the Spanish programme). Now, they are a couple. Some songs that she has sung are:

          Shake it out.

          Al cantar.


          Soñar contigo.–Mf-k

· Alfred; He is the is the fourth classified of the programme. His name is Alfred García Castillo and he is from El Prat de LLobregat (Cataluña, autonomous community of Spain). He is 20 years old. Some songs that he has sung are:

          Que nos sigan las luces.




Follow the link and find the video clip of the Eurovision Spain song: (On the minute 5:32 of the video) (Final version of the song)

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