(School, March 2018)

On Thursday, February 22nd, our school celebrated the day of the sandwich. This activity consists of gathering all the students of the center in the playground together with family and friends who want to attend to eat the famous sandwich.

Previously, some parents have voluntarily joined with some teachers and with the cafeteria of the center to make the sandwiches, which like every year are made of ham and accompanied by the juice that was peach this year.

Every year, the price of the sandwich was 2 euros but this year due to the lack of milk at the Food Bank of Badajoz, the price of the sandwich was 1 euro and a liter of milk.

The result was great, since they raised more than 1200 liters and a lot of money. That is why, being a solidarity activity, we put it in the solidary week of the center.

Each student had the freedom to buy the number of snacks he wanted as long as he gave what was appropriate, there were even students and family members who bought the sandwich but did not attend, notifying previously to make the correct number of snacks.

But this is not the only social activity that is celebrated, on Monday 19, 4th primary students received the visit of the coordinator of the NGO “Olivenza creates awareness” in which they saw a video about the lives of children in the fields of refugees and at the end, wrote a message of support to those affected.

On Tuesday 20th, the children of 1st and 2nd grade, heard the experience of Mr. Antonio Sáez, priest of Badajoz who has been a long time in Peru as a missionary.

That same Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st, our companion and religious sister Carmeli, spoke to the 5th and 6th primary students about their work and their congregation in the communities they have around the world.

Also, this week we invited students to reflect on the state and the improvement of pollution on the planet, which is why we proposed:

-Take papers in the bins throughout the school hours.

-Make sure that all electrical appliances are off when you finish using them. Also that the taps are closed and the toilets cisterns aren´t running continuously wasting water.

-Recycling school materials in all aspects.

-Provide a tree for class to plant it and take care of it. This was planted on Friday 23rd by the students themselves.

To finish these activities, the day of the sandwich, the 6th primary students and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade received the visit of Mr. Jesus Reinolds, president of the Food Bank of Badajoz who very grateful told us about his experience and work in the food bank.

This solidarity activity not only brings benefits to social causes, but also to students from the center who say they are very satisfied to be able to help the people most in need in this way.


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