CELL journalists from Poland

 Hello! Hej! Zivjo! !Hola! My name is Amelia Rosiak. I am 15 years old. I live in Warsaw, Poland. I am a student in the bilingual class with extra journalism lesson. In CELL magazine I am writing about my school – High School No. 164 (Gimnazjum nr 164).  In my articles you can find everything you would like to know – school life, ceremonies, educational trips, meetings with interesting people and much more. I hope you will enjoy my work. Thanks, Amelia Rosiak

My name is Justyna and I am 14. I  like painting, reading, cooking and playing the guitar. At school I’m good at polish and art. Sport and ICT are definitely not my favourite subjects. I was travelling a lot, I visited Spain twice but haven’t been in Slovenia. I’m in Erasmus project because I like another cultures and it can be amazing adventure.    Justyna Sitnik


My name’s Zuzanna Włodarska but I like when people just call me „Zuza”. I’m 13 years old and I joined this group because I really want to see Slovenia and meet some nice guys from other countries. I’m intrested in music the most but I also like drawing and playing computer games.   Zuzia Włodarska

My name is Rose. I’m eleven yers old. I like drawing and swimming.  Róża Stolarska


My name is Karolina. I come from Poland. I was born on September 9th in Warsaw, where  I still live with my parents and twin sister . I`m 14 years old. I`m short. I have medium length, blonde hair and blue eyes. People say, that I look like my grandmother, when she was younger. I usually wear casual clothes, because they are more comfortable than elegant ones. I think, that I`m quite sociable person. I like spending time with my friends, but I don`t like talking with people I don`t know very well. Moreover, I`m very  nice, tolerant and helpful. In my free time I usually listen to music, read books and meet with my friends. But my hobby is art- I love drawing and painting. I want to be a psychologist in the future.    Karolina Sitnik


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