A week of celebration at the Warsaw Zoo

It was a special week for the zoo in Warsaw. On Wednesday, September 19, Pelagia hippopotamus received the birthday wishes from the morning.

She turned 33! This beautiful young lady was born in Wrocław, but most of her life was a citizen of the world.

Twenty-four years lived in the most romantic city in the world, Paris. And then in Germany. For seven years, she has been the favourite of Warsaw’s residents and guests.

Pelagia takes a comfortable run with her beloved Hugo three times younger than her. Pelagia’s birthday coincided with the World Rhino Day. On this occasion, on Saturday, the Warsaw zoo invited all lovers of these beautiful and wise animals to spend the day in their company.

From 11 o’clock an appointment with the caretakers of the rhinos took place, they talked about their pets and their stories, we could get to know the rhino delicacies. Do you all know that rhinos love vegetables?

For the participants of the game a cake was prepared in the shape of these nice fatlings, because, by the way, and their six months celebrated the smallest rhinoceros, Jungo’s sweetener.

On the occasion of their holiday, the rhinoceroses also received a gift. Wonderful cake with willow-pepper-carrot flavor. Pride!!!

The World Rhinoceros Day reminds us ho

w uncertain the future of these animals is and underlines the role of those who take action to save this species. 100 years ago, rhinoceroses were common in Africa and Asia, unfortunately, due to the destruction of the environment and intensive hunting, the population of these animals has decreased. The biggest threat to rhinos is us humans. We destroy their environment and kill them for the horn, which is considered by primitive people as a cure for all diseases. Let us protect these beautiful animals so that they can be seen happy in the wild and not only in captivity. Our generation can do so much.

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