(Olivenza, October 2018)

Extremadura is our autonomous community, one of the 17th in Spain. Extremadura is our region and its territory is very extensive (41 635 km²)  but it hasn´t many inhabitants (1 070 586 aprox). Its situated in the south west part of Spain and it has two provinces: Cáceres and Badajoz. Olivenza is located in Badajoz province.

Extremadura´s day in all the region and especially in Olivenza is a very important celebration for the inhabitants of the region. It is a no working day and many people come here to celebrate this day and to have fun with friends and family.

This celebration begins very early in the morning, in the centre of the city,with a typical breakfast from Extremadura, “migas” and “churros”.

When the breakfast has finished, a group of regional dances of our town called “La Encina” take the flags of Europe, Spain, Extremadura and Olivenza and do a parade that finishes in the town hall. Then, the mayor gives a speech inaugurating the celebration and the “Filarmonica of Olivenza” (the Olivenza music band) plays Extremadura´s anthem.

After this institutional act, people goes to the town centre to spend the rest of the day in the streets. There are lot of stands colocated by local associations in the streets of the town, and you can buy  food or drinks there. All the streets are full of people.

Later, there are a religious parade in the honor of the Guadalupe Virgin, the pattern of Extremadura.

When the sun goes down, the municipality offer to the teenagers a DJ playing music and cheering the party. The atmosphere is cool and funny, there is music everywhere.

In summary this day is very special and it has to be celebrated like it deserves.

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