(Olivenza, November 2018)

“Oliventia” is a celebration that represents how our city was in the Middle Age and it
was created to improve the tourism. It is celebrated every year during the months of
October and November, and this year has been from 26th October to 11th November.
During these special days, some cultural and gastronomic activities are organized and
carried out. One of the main activities is a medieval market that takes place around the
old city walls, because at the beginning Olivenza was a very small town with a castle
and very small houses around it and the medieval market was out of the city walls. It
has a lot of stands with different things like traditional food, handmade items (like
soap, bread, candles, costume jewelry…), homemade sweets and medieval toys. There
are another stands with a lot of swords, canons, shields, armors…
In the market area, there are some people whit traditional medieval costumes, and
they represent situations from the Middle Age, interact with the people, etc. You could
wear like them and take a photo with your friends. Other persons show to the people
some weapons from this age, and they teach to the people how to use swords and
shields, and they teach to the children too, with swords made of wood.
One of the most popular gastronomic activity is a medieval food competition between
restaurants, where the participants, (who are usually restaurants from Olivenza or
towns which are near to Olivenza), can only use medieval ingredients and during the
competition the people can eat them in the restaurants where they were made. When
the competition finished the winner will go to a national competition.
Another gastronomic activity is a workshop of traditional medieval cooking for the
children where they cook traditional food and they have fun.
The last day is on Sunday 11th, and there was a canteen that made a very big barbecue
for everybody to say goodbye to this very beautiful celebration.

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