(School, October 2018)

From November 24, 2018, a new museum is operating in Warsaw. A real treat for lovers of adventure and fantasy. I’m talking about a museum of illusion, of course. A visit to the European Piłsudski Union. The museum has as many as 100 different attractions! To support you show them.

 1. Ames Room – Into a room where, due to the specific arrangement of walls, an optical illusion arises. The person in the room is very small. The room can book confusion and confusion.

 2. Lean room – shaped like a cargo floor.

3.Tunel Vortex – This may be a challenge for our labyrinth. The space shimmering with colorful lights will make the passage of the short section a challenge. NOTE: you can issue an epilepsy attack.

4. Shadow shade

5.Bucheta chair – A piece of furniture that creates the illusion that a person who sits on a chair seems small.

6.Kalejdoskop -Three triangle shaped display, lined with mirrors. It gives the illusion of multiplication.

7. Graphic collection – Where I can see figures, impossible figures, wedding graphics of appointed illusions.

8. Mirror rooms

It’s best to go to this museum with a camera and take photos. The building of the National Museum 21. The museum is open on all days of the week from 10.00-19.00. Last visitors are admitted at 18.00.

Here is a quote from one of the museum’s creators:

“I’m glad I cannot wait to see what’s going on”

I heartily recommend it as a very nice form of entertainment. He can come with his family and tear me away from school or work.

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