The Christmas mood is on!

Probably everyone, you are getting ready for Christmas. In Warsaw, the pre-Christmas period began pompously. On three weekends in December, beginning of the month, between 12:00 and 19:00, at Krakowskie Przedmieście in the vicinity of the Agricultural Library, a tent was opened Nicholas.

 There are many nice attractions for everyone, regardless of their age. Those who like cooking and baking sweets, have the opportunity to decorate their own gingerbread, which they can then take with them and give this tasty gift to a loved one. There is a Santa Claus’ hut waiting for everyone, in which special workshops were organized. Elves teach us how to make beautiful, unfortunately forgotten today Christmas cards with wishes. They are especially important on holidays, although I think that throughout the year. Each such card is a nice gesture for the addressee. Maybe you will also be a wonderful, handmade gift for your loved ones. In addition to the workshops, you can talk to Saint Nicholas and Mrs. Santa. Ask them questions that we always wanted to ask Santa, or ask for a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Of course, they will be happy to take pictures with us.

After experiencing these attractions, it’s time to go to the Barbacan Fair. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Old Town. And at the fair everything connected with Christmas. You can buy Christmas clothes, delicacies, souvenirs and various decorations, but the most beautiful and the best are craft products. If these attractions during one walk are not enough for someone, there is an ice rink near the fair. The beautiful square has returned to the market after a few years.

An event with Santa Claus, a fair, this ice rink is just the beginning of the Christmas atmosphere in Warsaw. In the coming week, light decorations and the largest Christmas tree in the city – in the Old Town – will be launched. The atmosphere is already, closer to Christmas, only the weather so far fails. It is raining and we do not see snow.

Szymon Dziedzic

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