St. Andrew’s Day and Saint Nicholas’ Day in Poland

November 30th

St. Andrew’s Day is a holiday known for centuries in Poland, with a long tradition. Formerly, St. Andrew’s Day was bode by the ladies who wanted to get married as soon as possibile. Predictions concerned the future husband, how he would look, where he came from and what he was called. Bachelors did not celebrate the holidays of St. Andrew’s Day. The most popular divinations are:

Shifting shoes – this divination concerns only unmarried girls. The participants of this game place their shoes from the wall to the threshold of the door: they are positioned one behind the other so that the heel of the one touches the front of the other. Lucky, whose first shoe touches the door, will be the first to get married.

Sticky notes – on cards we save our dreams and then roll them up in a glass bowl and pour them slowly in cold water. In the near future, dreams written on these notes that will come to the surface will come true.

Peel apples – thanks to apple peelings, we can get to know the first letter of the name of our beloved or beloved one. Peel the apple carefully so that the peeling is as long as possible. Then you should throw it over your left shoulder, and the letter the peeling will create on the floor will help us to guess the name of our future second half.

December 6th

Saint Nicholas’ Day is a traditional Polish name in honor of Saint Nicholas, Bishop Mira, celebrated on December 6 in Catholicism and Orthodoxy. The custom of giving presents in Saint Nicholas’ Day came from medieval legends about Saint. Nicholas, which became very popular thanks to the performances issued since the tenth century on December 6. The best-known legend was the story of three daughters written in the first half of the ninth century in Constantinople by Archimandrite Michael.

Nowadays in Poland, at night from 5 to 6 December, children put gifts under the pillow, in a shoe or put them in a large sock. In many Polish schools, students exchange small gifts with an earlier draw of “your Santa”.

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