The KA1 project has fineshed

From june 2017 to november 2018, the project Erasmus+KA1 and its members were exploring the misterys of Ireland and the English language.

At first, there were only two participants involved, but the project quickly expanded to other students and therir parents, external partners, municipalities…

They first created a blog and a facebook group, then they searched for a spot to create an Irish Corner, after that the introduction of the monthly Irish radio and our own prize quiz.

Students made Ireland themed arts, bake some traditional Irish foods, tried to play hurling and gaelic footbal, repeatedly danced, sang, did Irish presentations, acted at an »English« theater, included the Irish pruducts at the Chirstmas bazaar, met an real Irishman etc.

At the time of the KA1 project, we connected with individuals or institutions with whom we participated in various activities. These presons are: David Ryan (Irishman), Dejan Marentič (tourist guide) and Urška Vnuk (presentation of knelling). The colaborating institutions are: Irish dance school, farm women society Rainbow, Female choir Dramlje, KD Glasovir, handicraft society Ants, PS Vojnik, Gymnasium Celje-center, II. PS Celje and University Academy Warrington.

The international colaboration, bringed a lot of positive changes fort he whole school and society around it, for wich we are more than grateful.

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