The mural of Kora Jackowska in Warsaw

In the summer of last year, one of the greatest Polish rock singer Kora died. She was the vocalist of the legendary band Maanam. She started her career in 1975 and continued it with small interruptions until 2018, when she had to stop performing due to illness. Because it was loved by Poles and not only, a very interesting initiative to commemorate her works arose. A mural was designed and made with her likeness.

The mural, which was created on the wall of the building at Nowy Świat 18/20, is a work that will change with the seasons. Bruno Althamer is responsible for the graphic design on which we see the singer herself, and the artist from the Redsheels mural agency took care of the performance. At first glance, it may seem that placing the mural in such a way that it is obscured by a tree growing next to it is a design mistake, but it was a deliberate procedure. – Bruno fitted his work in this location and it is probably one of the most unusual projects that I had the opportunity to work with. An interesting fact worth emphasizing is that the mural will react to the changing seasons. All thanks to the chestnut tree, which grows next to it. His leaves, their lack or changing color in accordance with the changes in nature, will be, according to the artist’s intention, part of the whole project.

The work can be admired for a few days and I am very encouraged, especially since it is located in the most frequented tourist route in Warsaw.

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