Like every year, it is a tradition that in Christmas the Association of Old Pupils of the School organized a living portal of Belen which represented the birth of Jesus.

 This year it was held on 22nd of December and it was celebrated in the gardem of our school, where all the participants of this project have worn costumes of that time.

The crib is the most important thing of this portal because it is where later Jesus will born. Among this, it was formed by several zones like for instance the castle where many people wore costumes of nobles and kings of the Roman time, or the river where there was a bridge and a water mill. Near the river there were animals like sheeps, donkeys and roosters that the people could see.

Moreover, there was other zone with food stalls. There, the people who visited the living portal, they could taste traditional and artisanal food like “Migas” (this is a mixture of bread, garlic, oil and peppers cooked in a pan) “Churros and chocolate” (the “churros” are small and stretched portions of flour dough fried in oil) and “Chorizo” (this is a type of pork meat typical from Spain).

Go to the living portal of Belem was a good plan for that christmas  afternoon when the family and friends meet.

By the other hand, some days before it was celebrated the traditional Christmas festival where all the students sang Christmas carols wearing costumes according to this time of the year.

 Here you are some photos and videos of the these Christmas activities.

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