Grandmother’s Day falls on 21 January. It is a  day dedicated to all grandmothers. Grandmothers are nowadays the whole “institution”, without which many families could not function. They turn out to be an invaluable help in raising grandchildren, enabling parents to reconcile work and household duties. They are commonly perceived as tender and caring, well cooked and always ready to feed hungry family members. Traditionally, the old age is also associated with the life wisdom of grandmothers. Nevertheless, it is believed that they often pamper their grandchildren, bringing covetousness and trying to please them from all sides. Of course, the perception of grandmother depends on the perspective and family relations – grandmothers are also mother in law, and as we know, relations with in law’s can be different. This is one of the most warm and family holidays. The next day, 22 January, is Grandfather’s Day. According to psychologist, grandparents shape the identity of their grandchildren – both family and historical. They often try to compensate them for the mistakes they made when raising their own children. That is why it is quite commonly believed that parents are from upbringing and grandparents from spoiling. The time spent with them is very valuable also because many grandchildren inevitably lose their grandparents at an early age. Due to the Polish tradition of special care for the graves of the  loved ones, Grandfather’s, Grandfather’s Day is also opportunity to visit cemeteries and light a lamp as proof of memory on the graves of our great-grandparents or deceased grandparents.  At Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day children in kindergartens and schools often perform this day to show how important  their grandparents are to them. Sometimes small children give them laurels and older children small gifts. Due to the Polish tradition of special care for the graves of the  loved ones, Grandfather’s.

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