In the Catholic tradition, Christmas Eve is celebrated the day before the birth of Jesus Christ or December 24. In Poland, Christmas Eve dinner begins with sharing wafer with the loved ones. Then they make wishes for a new, better year. After making wishes and sharing the wafer, the participants of the supper gather around the Christmas table and read a fragment from the Holy Bible. About the birth of Jesus. On the table, covered with a white tablecloth, with a bundle of hay underneath, one more setting is placed than there are participants. It is symbolically intended for an unannounced guest. On the Christmas Eve table, there should be 12 dishes in honor of the twelve apostles Jesus taught. The dishes include: carp, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, croquettes, Greek fish, herring, various types of salads, eggs with mayonnaise, borscht with dumplings, kutia, cheesecake, fish soup or noodles with poppy seeds honey and sugar.

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