A great orchestra of Christmas help

On Sunday, January 13, an extraordinary event took place. The unique orchestra played for the 27th time. It is a foundation that collects money to help the weakest Poles. They are mainly small children, newborns and premature babies. The Foundation collects money for which it buys medical equipment and equips hospitals. They are an incubator, ultrasonographs, magnetic resonances. The highest quality appliances that save the youngest lives.

  When I was born, my hearing was examined in a hospital with a specialist device. It would not have been possible without a foundation, and thanks to that, my parents and parents of many thousands of children were sure that I was born healthy. For 27 years, the orchestra of the foundation and played collecting money not only for kids. Funds were also collected for seniors. There are no doctors in Poland dealing with the problems of seniors and geriatric wards. Last year, psychiatric hospital wards for children and youngsters were added to the needy. These groups are the most in need of support for social groups of people suffering in Poland.

And how did it start? Well, 27 years ago, radio journalist Jerzy Owsiak together with a group of friends decided to organize a concert in Warsaw and on this occasion to collect money for premature babies. He wanted to publicize the matter, but on our television there was only a free date in January to advertise the initiative and make a live report. Everyone advised the resignation of this term, because in Poland, in January is quite severe winter. People were afraid that due to frost nobody would come to the concert in the center of Warsaw. Owsiak did not get scared of frost and said that you have to warm up the winter! The first final took place in Warsaw and several major cities. A staggering amount of 5 374 042.00 PLN has been collected! Since then, every year in January, not only Warsaw and Poland are going crazy, but also almost the whole world is going crazy on this one Sunday. Concerts, races, charity auctions and many other events take place. Everything that people come up with is going to raise money for those in need. Each year a record is recorded in the amount of funds collected. Last year, we collected 126 373 804.3 PLN, which translates into EUR 29 389 256,30!

For us it is such a point of honor that more money is collected every year. Although today it was cold and it was raining, it did not bother anyone, crowds of Warsaw went out into the street to take part in various attractions, to dance and sing at concerts, to bid various beautiful items and collect as much money as possible. On this day there is no education, no one who does not have to work, everyone is involved in this amazing initiative created by one man who for many of us is a hero. He united all people regardless of faith, feud, convictions.

I think you too should know our Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity! There are as many as four foundation staffs in Madrid and we also play and collect money there. In Barcelona there were concerts, sports Olympiad for children, lotteries, nail painting and competitions for the best cake. Throughout the day, in the center of Warsaw, people were playing in the big tent. At the end, at 20 o’clock, as always, it flashed light to the sky. It was always an amazing firework show. Today, for the first time, the foundation gave up this because of the welfare of animals. We watched the most beautiful laser show. Unfortunately, during the light show in the city of Gdańsk there was a very unpleasant event. The president of the city, Paweł Adamowicz, was attacked by the attacker and wounded with a knife. It was an extremely momentous moment, people were having fun, it was loud, so most of us did not even know what had happened. It was only after a moment that information about the attack was given. We all experienced an amazing shock and we could not believe that on the occasion of an event based on human solidarity, the willingness to share good with the needy could lead to such a tragedy. Good has collided with evil in this form, in Poland, for the first time. Mr. Paweł Adamowicz died after a few hours in the hospital and we still do not understand why it must have happened. National mourning has been announced. In conclusion, I wanted to write to you how successful the 27th finale of our charity event came to be and give us a huge sum of collected money. I will not do it because now it does not matter as much as in previous years. The death of a man has covered the great feast of community among people.

  After all, if one day, by chance you will find the WOŚP and the characteristic red heart, look favorably on this amazing action, because we are doing a really good job and the collected money goes to a noble goal.

Szymon Dziedzic

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