The most interesting places in Warsaw. Top Four

Zalew Zegrzyński

It is a very popular holiday destination for polish people. Every weekend thousands of readers can be found there. The lagoon offers a lot of attractions, among others: a rope park above the water, sailing and transparent water ideal for bathing.

Copernicus Science Center

Are you interested in scientific experiments, physics and chemistry? This place is the realm of science. The Copernicus Science Center is a place where even the most difficult scientific topics are presented in a very funny and interesting way.

Invisible exhibition

For sure you have seen blind people many times on the street. Imagine that for an hour you can feel like them. An invisible exhibition located on Nowogródzka street in Warsaw has been in existence for over a year and during this time around 17,000 people have already visited it. Although the name sounds a bit scary it’s really great fun!

Playground for adults


Can you believe it? In Poland, a playground has been opened in the Ursynów district … for adults. Among large swings and sandpipes, wide slides, durable zip- lines and trampolines and drawing walls, adults can feel like children again! .

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