The 6th winner of MasterChef Junior

(Spain, January 2019)

The last 13thof January was celebrated the final of MasterChef Junior 6 that was disputed by Josexto and Pachu.

MasterChef is a gastronomic television program that find the best amateur cook of Spain. It has different categories, exist Junior, Celebrities and Adults. It was issued for the first time in the channel 1 on 10thof April in 2013.

 The reality was led by Eva González, also there are three judges Jordi Cruz who is an important chef in Spain because he has three Michelin stars what is so difficult to get, and if you want to go to his restaurant called ABaC in Barcelona you will have pay for his menu  more than 250 euros per person, of course you must to reserve several months before going, the others judges are Samantha Vallejo Nágera  who has a catering and  Pepe Rodríguez who has a restaurant called Bohío that has one Michelin star and the menu costs about 100 euros.

All of these judges taste the dishes of the aspirants. On the last Christmas holidays was celebrated the junior edition of this program where sixteen guys managed to enter the program after passing several tests. During the reality they had lessons in order to learn more about cooking.The worst part of the junior edition it’s that every week three participants are eliminated.In each program there are three tests where they accumulate points and those that have less go to the elimination test, when they have left the program. The weeks passed, until there were just four applicants: Josetxo, Pachu, Candela who was the youngest, with only eight years and Paula.  In the final they had to follow Angel Leon in the first test to replicate his dish, where the best was Pachu who was classified for the final duel directly, later the three remaining had to return to cook in the Diverxo restaurant where they cooked for the celebrities of others editions.At the end Josetxo prevailed so Pachu and him fought in a duel. She opted for a more traditional menu with techniques that she had learned during the program and he risked a more avant-garde menu with more difficult techniques.  Finally Josetxo won 12.000 euros and a course of four days in Basque Culinary Center, which is a cooking school.Masterchef fans can´t wait next edition to come!

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