(Spain, February 2019)

The Goya Awards are Annual Awards.

Those awards are given annually by the Academy of Arts and Film Sciences of Spain, in order to reward the best professionals in each one of the different specialties of Spanish cinema. The prize consists of a bust of Francisco de Goya made in bronze.

The first edition took place on March 17th , 1987 at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid. The name chosen for the award was due to the fact that, in the opinion of the academics, “Goya had a pictorial concept close to the cinema and several of his most representative works had an almost sequential treatment”, and it was appropriate because “Goya” is a short name.

The Awards are currently delivered in 28 categories, not counting the Goya Award of Honour, with a maximum of four candidates for each of them. Many prizes were given for a lot of talent in the winners of the Goya 2019.

They were delivered in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville, in which the first feature of Arantxa Echevarría and Carmen and Lola, got two of the eight awards that could get (Goya for Best New Director and Actress for Carolina Yuste); and the Valencian interpreter Susi Sánchez was crowned Best Actress Protagonist for getting into the skin of a mother who is reunited with the daughter she left when she was a child in Sunday’s illness, by Ramón Salazar.

For Spanish people, the most important price is the Goya of the best film and every year it is expected with enthusiasm.

This year there were five candidates: Carmen y Lola,Campeones (winners) todos lo saben (everybody know it), entre dos aguas (between two waters) and el reino (the kingdom).

Campeones (winners) was the best Spanish film of the year.Campeones (winners) is a dramatic comedy of 2018 directed by Javier Fesser. The story shows how Marco, a famous basketball coach, must take charge of a very special new team.This film is inspired by a basketball team, formed by people with intellectual disabilities.

Marco (the famous basketball coach) goes through numerous professional and personal problems and after his dismissal as coach of his basketball famous team  he suffers a traffic accident that carries a serious fine. Marco must choose between 2 years in jail or 90 days of community service training a basketball team called “Los Amigos” ( the friends) composed of athletes with various disabilities.

At the gala, there was also a lot of music such as the star by Rosalía, accompanied by the young choir of L’orfeócatalá.

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