(Olivenza, January 2019)

The day before the three wise men´s day we celebrated a Christmas parade in our town called “cabalgata”. It´s a parade celebrated every year and it is formed by decorated floats in which the three wise men are mounted to throw candies to the children of Olivenza.

There were also floats decorated with Disney characters, a manger and there was a float in which Santa Claus goes too.The children also had the opportunity to go in the parade, disguised as shepherds, fairies and other characters of Disney.

The parade toured all the most important streets of the town in order to nobody had to move to see it. When the parade finished, everybody went to a square of Olivenza called “Paseo chico” and a theatre was made by the people of the parade with the three wise men and with Santa.

The square was crowded and the children were very excited.

When this theatre finished, all the people there were in the square turn on a flare.Then, everyone could go to their homes to wait for the three wise men to bring their Christmas presents. This night is one of the most beautiful of the year in Olivenza for children and adults.

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