Cat’s day in Warsaw

   On the last Sunday in Warsaw, we celebrated the world cat’s day. On this occasion, a show of purebred cats took place in the Gwardia Hall.

We could admire the most beautiful representatives of more than forty breeds of these animals. Breeders showed us British short and long-haired cats, which are the most popular breed in Poland, as well as the largest domesticated Maine Coon cats, elegant blue Russian cats, lively and very friendly Siamese cats, oriental Dewon Rex and Peterbald, beautiful cats of decorative breeds. There were also rare breeds, such as norwegian forest cats and Siberian cats, which until now could only be seen in nature. The visitor liked very much the Scottish fold cat, you could see the long and short-haired varieties, as well as the hairless cat of Aphrodite, a breed from Cyprus, where it is treated as a national good. The breeders were available to visitors throughout the exhibition. They patiently talked about cat breeds and answered thousands of questions. People literally asked about everything related to cats. For the breed, the characters of cats, preferences, the best nutrition, toys, diseases that cats meet, and even for their treatment and care. People interested in the subject could participate in lectures on the correct play with the cat and toy making workshops. For children, competitions and cat puzzles with gifts were prepared.

   All visitors had great fun and the breeders proudly presented their favorites. I think that many visitors left the exhibition yesterday with a new passion and a decision that a new family member will appear in their home. If you are also very much in love with kittens, remember that you do not have to invest in the most expensive species. Many nicest roofers are waiting in the shelters, which are also waiting for a loving home and their family.

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