Adopt Warsaw residents 2019

In Warsaw, we have a big problem with adopting dogs from the shelter. People think that these animals are sick, have a bad future, or are of unknown origin. To overthrow this myth shelter for homeless dogs “Na paluchu” has already organized the season of the 5th edition titled “Adopt Warsaw residents”. It took place on February 24 from 13.00-15.00 in Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw.

During the event, the hostel has prepared various attractions. Volunteers brought many dogs to the park looking for a new home. Varsovians could play with their dogs, take pictures with them or take them for a walk. In addition to the integration with pets, people could talk to volunteers about adoption of dogs. The whole procedure is quite easy, but it requires checking whether the intentions of adopters towards the chosen dog are sincere and serious. This means that on the occasion of fun, you could choose a pet for yourself. It was enough to sign a few documents, go home with a pooch and the next day, a volunteer who checked the new home and made sure that the dog feels good came to the house of the people who took up the adoption.

            The action aims to show that the animals from the shelter are not inferior to pedigree dogs, from breeding that homeless dogs have big hearts, they love so much that they deserve a new chance. I also think that it is a very nice action. I once had a dog from a shelter that was with us for 6 years. I know that although he was ill and required care and support, he was very happy with us. I’m glad he had this time.

Throughout the spring and summer season there will be a few such meetings that I would like to recommend very warmly, especially for people who want to get a friend and give him happiness, security and a loving home. A beautiful goal, which is guided by the organization of this type of events, every year is successful in achieving better and better. This Sunday, the new home again found a dozen or so dogs that will certainly repay with great love and affection.

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