Exhibition of jewelery and minerals 2019

Last weekend at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, once again, the Jewelery and Minerals Fair was held. This is a subject that is primarily interested in ladies, but I think that you will not hurt the knowledge in this regard. There is no supposedly better gift for a woman like jewelry.

  During the event, over 400 exhibitors showed the most beautiful specimens of jewelery and minerals from around the world. We could admire beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, beads, as well as semi-finished products from which you can make your own jewelry. As every year, many attractions have been prepared. There was a designer zone, where young creators of trinkets presented themselves. There are also novelties from the jewelery market and unique designs. The children had a great time in geolandia, where under the supervision of professionals they learned how to draw minerals, look for treasures in the sandbox, create models of fossils. During this time, parents could calmly take care of their purchases. Each visitor took part in the competition, very attractive prizes were drawn. The exhibition of the most beautiful specimens of diamonds, rubies and emeralds was very popular.

 The event attracted a lot of people. Everyone had a great time and the time spent on this gala passed very quickly, and as people who were at this event say, even too soon. The flash of stones stunned everyone yesterday.

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