Education fair 2019 Warsaw

  For the last few days in Warsaw, in the Palace of Culture and Science, there was a High School Fair for young people finishing the primary school and junior high school this year. This is a very difficult period for young people, because as a result of changes in school rules in Poland, this year secondary school will look for graduates of two types of schools: basic, which lasts eight years and entitles you to enter a four-year high school and middle school that lasted three years and entitles you to get into a three-year high school.

It’s complicated. The new system introduced a lot of confusion, hindered the lives of thousands of children finishing this year’s next stage of learning and made it difficult to get to the next, dream school. To help at least some kids in the center of the capital, an event was organized where 125 high schools from Warsaw presented their offers. They were both technical schools that prepare for a particular profession and general high schools that prepare students for various universities. This event is more than a trade fair – it is a multifaceted event during which young people could not only talk and get acquainted with the exhibitors’ offer, but also participate in an extensive program of meetings, seminars and presentations, and for exhibitors is a great opportunity to present national and foreign higher education institutions, post-secondary schools, offers of high schools and technicians of Warsaw, institutions related to language exams, language schools, scholarship programs, internships and internships organized by employers, educational publishers and producers of scientific aids.

All guests of the salon: youth, parents, teachers and school directors, as well as vocational counselors, were able to obtain comprehensive information on education opportunities at all levels. That is why the Fair attracted crowds of interested people. Some schools have decided to organize whole classes to come to the Fair as part of a class trip. Some of the children came individually or with their parents. The event this year was extremely needed.

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