Ecological strike in Warsaw

On March 15, students of schools in Warsaw left the institutions to join a worldwide ecological strike. This action was intended to explain to people how important our planet is and that this is the last moment to start taking care of it. The students emphasized that the state of our planet is critical, because of the many negligences that destroy it. This is primarily the use of too much plastic, no segregation of rubbish, wild dumps, cutting down forests and lack of awareness of people about the risks.

The organizers of this event said:

“On March 15, we, young people around the world, will be organizing school strikes for the climate, so that the theme becomes visible and heard. In Warsaw, we will go out into the streets during school activities to show that stopping climate change should be a priority for politicians. The subject of climate change is treated so superficially that pupils and students have to leave school lessons to pay attention to him. It must change! “

The strike attracted as many as 21,000 people. The protesters gathered in the center of Warsaw. They left the intersection of Marszałkowska and Królewska Streets, walked through Marszałkowska, Rondo Dmowskiego, Aleje Jerozolimskie and Krucza, and the whole event ended with a picket under the Ministry of Energy.
               The organizers stressed that the protest is apolitical and asked not to bend the symbols of political parties and organizations. Importantly, the strike was joined by students around the world, organizing “ecological truancy” and encouraging others to join this form of protest.

This amazing initiative, which began with one girl, the Swede Greta Thunberg grows stronger every day. We hope that on Friday we showed our politicians who talk a lot, but they do not do much about ecology, that we young people, the future of Earth will not give up. We will look at their actions and demand real changes in ecological policy.

A few days ago, we also learned that Greta Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations and we keep our fingers crossed for the world to appreciate her efforts.

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