Family picnic on the occasion of the World Water Day

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, in the Multimedia Fountain Park, the residents of Warsaw are held for the World Water Day. Wodociągi Warszawskie organize this ecological picnic once again. The World Water Day has been registered for 27 years by the United Nations and is celebrated every year under a different slogan. This year is to: Leaving No One Behind, which emphasizes solidarity with water problems. In addition, to get access to information about living conditions in the capital.

Every day we use water, sometimes we waste it without realizing that one day we may miss it, every drop is really very valuable.

Participants of the event could enjoy a range of attractions. Show a program to be played, soap show, artistic performances, contests, videos from VR, building a water tower or assembling waterworks. They were the same and they were not of them. 11:00 am.

You can find a place to visit, see how the water looks under the microscope and find out what the phenomenon of retention is. There were also attractions on stage. The children took part in an interactive performance performed by the SOHO Scientific Theater. There was also a concert of playing on jars, bottles and drums filled with water.

This unique, ecological initiative gathered many residents who would be eager to learn about the best for visitors and visitors of Warsaw’s water filters. Such an opportunity does not happen every day.

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