A cultural weekend

During the 9th and 10th of February a cultural activity has been carried
out in the convent San Juan de Dios of our town. This exhibition has been
opened to the public with the “Saber Popular” in which different
associations of our region have had the opportunity to show to the other
people some of their traditional celebrations.
Politicians from our town have attended this event ,( like the mayor of the
city, the councillors,etc),to be able to enjoy and learn of other cultures. In
this activity we have been able to see popular clothing exhibitions and
different instruments of our culture.
In addition they also participed in a recital in which they have danced and
sung the group of choirs and dances “La Encina” , that is an agruoation of
traditional dances from Olivenza, .And the groups also sang “Carandeo”
and Mansaborá Folk”, and these are traditional songs from our region,
Photos obtained from Facebook

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