Peace day 2019

On Wednesday, January 30, students from all over the school participated in activities related to he day of peace.

This year they did some new activities. They went through the whole neighborhood to teach people how important peace is. That little march was done in silence, and some families also went to accompany the students on this important day. They were at his side until the end of the march. The students were teaching the banners that each one made in his class, from childhood to high school. One of the most important messages that they wanted to trasnmit was “Let´s look for the formula of peace” and “Together for peace”. The students of 4 of ESO helped the youngest ones, the children´s students, to make a banner as well. They did this because they wanted to teach the little ones how important is the companionship and the good relations between them.

After the march, in the main garden of the school, a manifesto was read that some students of 4 of ESO did in their language classes. They also helped realese several pigeons, a symbol of peace. To finish this beautiful act, the elementary music teacher sang John Lennon´s famous and very emocional song, Imagine. This song talks about freedom, a world without war, where we are all equal, a world without belongings, or money, a world where peace reigns over people. Some families also stay to listen this.

After the act, all the students lived together at recess until the bell rang and it was time to go home.

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