A cooperative book

On the 1st of Febrary, our school has presented a cooperative book in the cultural center that students have developed within the Erasmus + CELL Project together with students from Slovenia and Poland.

This literary work called “Stronger together” consists of three stories of fantasy contents that are written in the four languages of the CELL Project: Polish, Spanish, Slovenian and English. The three countries have used a cooperative work method when creating the stories. Each country started writing a different story and then, it story was passed to the remaining two countries in order to continue it. In this way, three stories were carried out in which the texts and illustrations of the students of the three countries have taken part. The titles of these three stories were “The adventures of Thomas and Marina”, “The enchanted forest” and “The journey in time”. This activity is completely cooperative and it would be impossible to carry out without the contribution of each country.

In these stories, there are words that are marked in other colour and written in the four different languages in order to give to the activity a didactic intention. So thanks to that, all the countries can read without any problem the stories.

With regard to the way of working in class to elaborate the stories, we used the “1,2,4 strategy”. Teachers divided the pupils of the class into groups of four. First of all, each pupil worked individually. Then, they worked in pairs and finally, the two couples of each group putted in common their works. With this strategy, all the members of the group have collaborated in the development of the work.

What’s more, it should be noted that if a country used crayons, the rest of the countries also had to use them, and all the countries had to adapt to the characters.

This cooperative book has already introduced in the base of the national library of Slovenia, i the municipal library of Olivenza and they have been offered to other schools as teaching material.

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