On Thursday, 14th of March, the primary and secondary students went on a school outing to the ToomPak concert.
On that Day, the students went to see a concert held at the local Culture House. This concert was done hanks to the high school music teacher, Don Héctor.
The Concert was a percussion group in which there were five members, four men and one woman.
They talked about the importance of recycling in the world and how you can do percussion with every part of your body without any instrument or with recycled materials like paper bags, bins, metal cubes or even pipes.
They created different types of percussion instruments recycling many materials like the paper, plastic orglass that they collected from different clean spots of several cities where they were going on tour.
They were doing a lot of activities with the public, for example, asked to go up someone, touch the palms and a phrase that made them repeat, was: “Reduce, reuse to then recycle.” They also made theaudience laugh.
At the end of the function all the members of ToomPak asked to the public if anyone had any questions about something of them music career or how they met. They responded to the question of what their name meant, they responded that it referred to the grave sounds, referring to Toom, and acute, referencing Pak.
Also the took some photos with all the students
It was a different activity that made students learn in a different way.

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