From 7th to 10th of March took place in Olivenza a very important celebration of bullfighting culture, the famous Olivenza´s bull´s fair.

It´s considered like a national tourist interest festival for people from other countries who want to enjoy this festival and its activities.

The inauguration of this festival was on Thursday 7th of March in a very big tent which it is in the fairground of our city. The most important politician of Olivenza, Extremadura and some of the most important politician of Spain went to this festival.

When the inauguration finished, the festival started. In the afternoon of that day, there was a bullfight in which the students of bullfighting school participated.

On Friday afternoon, there was another bullfight in which the bullfighters Jose Garrido, Luis David and Toñete gave a fantastic show to all the people who went to see them. When the night arrived the people came out and went to the centre of the city and they had fun.

On Saturday, there were bullfightings in the morning and in the evening.

 The bullfighters who participated were Juanito, Diego San Román, Carlos Dominguez, in the morning. Diego Ventura, Enrique Ponce and “El Juli” in the evening. When this show finished, the people came out again and the youngest people went to a dj sesion in the outskirts of the city .

For adults, there was a concert in the Portugal square of a music group called “Siempre así” who sang songs from 80´s and 90´s.

The last day, on Sunday, there were again bullfighting shows in the morning and in the evening. With it,the most important festival of the bullfighting culture finished and all the people who came went out of the city and returned to their houses.

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