A Dream Come True

Ana Peleteiro beats the Spain record at triple jump with 14.73 meters in Glasgow.

She was born on December 2nd 1995 in Riveira, A Coruña, where she was formed until she was 17 years old.

Then, she moved to Madrid in 2013 to continue her progression. That was a difficult decision for her because she had to be far away from her family.

 However, on 1st of October, she joined to the athletics section of the F.C. Barcelona.

Already on 12th of July in 2012, with 16 years old, she was proclaimed junior world champion of her specialty, triple jump, with 14,17 m. She also beats the best the European brand of all time in the youth category. Currently, she is studying Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

Six years later, she achieved her first international success in her category.

 On 3rd of March she won the bronze medal in the indoor world championships in Birmingham, where she did a jump getting her best personal brand with 14.40 metres.

On 10th of August she also achieved bronze at the European Open Air, held in Berlin.

Finally, on March 3rd, she won the gold medal in the European indoor championship in Glasgow with his best jump of 14.73m, the Spain’s new record.

To get all these awards means to spend some difficult years training.

The success of Peleteiro is multiple. One month ago, an inflammation in a tendon was injured in her left foot and she has had to go through different phases that have made her stronger at a physical and mental level. Her first triple jump was on Tuesday. She could not jump before, could not run. Her coach has had to pull her hair to know what to do and how to do it.

She has been having frustrating nightmares, but in the last few days, she was dreaming of making a good score. Her first two jumps at this competition were null and the difficulty increased.

The Spanish athlete grows and grows.







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