Animals days

Animals days are fairs whose aim is based on presenting and learning about many species of animals. This year they were held between 29-31 March. The organizers have prepared for us even exotic animals, which are rare in nature. In addition, there were many attractions.

Exhibitors, presented us over 3,500 dogs of which 180 species from around the world !. Each participant could come and caress these friendly quadrupeds. The dogs passed tests that looked at the appearance, race and training. Of course, for every criterion dogs received points, diplomas and medals. In addition to dogs, cats also appeared. There were 8 species of these four-legged animals. The sea animals could not be missing at the fair. These were, among others, rays, colorful fish from around the world, sharks and piranhas with very sharp teeth, frogs in various stages of development, all crustaceans and lazy turtles. In spite of the name of this event, beautiful land and water plants also appeared. The audience could visit the laboratory and assess the condition of their pet.

On the last day of the event, the creators were all surprised. They exposed the showcases with exotic animals such as: geckos, all kinds of parrots, snakes, chameleons, crocodiles, iguanas and much more. At each of the animal species, the exhibitors discussed what they eat, where they can be found, and what attitude they have towards people.

Entry to the event was paid, but the organizers will try to help the animals in need. They will buy them food, water and all the vitamins and minerals they need.

In my opinion, the creators did a great job and showed us how friendly to man is the world of animals. The exhibition enjoyed great interest and attracted crowds of Varsovians.

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