Roof gardens

For a week, the University of Warsaw has offered us a unique attraction. It is a beautiful garden in an unusual place, the entire vegetation is located on the roof of the University Library.

Not only students, but also all willing and tourists have access to this place. Of course, when you are in the garden you need to keep silence, you can not litter and destroy plants. The whole garden has as much as 1 hectare and consists of two parts: the upper and the lower one. Both floors have been connected by a large, brick wall, on which a mini waterfall flows. The garden was designed by well-known architects. Among them, it is worth mentioning the well-known Irena Bajerska. In the garden there are not only plants from all corners of the world, but also lakes and ponds in which colored ducks, swans and fish resided. For tourists, benches, bridges and observation points were prepared so that during the visit they could rest and walk calmly through the entire roof. Many people look into the library through a glass roof. The garden could not miss beautiful sculptures. Admission is free, but everyone can deposit any amount and the money is transferred for maintenance and further development of the garden and for the protection of vegetation.

In my opinion, the designers did a great job. It is a unique place that gains new fans every day. I heartily recommend.

Szymon Dziedzic

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