Green streetcar

Last Saturday, on April 27, an unusual vehicle set off for a tour in Warsaw. It was a tram full of trees, shrubs and animal figures that can be found most often in Polish forests. Travelers on the Forest line could take an unusual journey between 11.00-17.00 and the green course started from the Tarchomin Kościelny loop.

Squirrels, foxes, roe-deer and flowers awaited travelers as well as several other elements of the eco-tram arrangement. The action was related to the International Day of the Earth and was to remind the residents of the capital of the importance of caring for the natural environment. Additional attractions have been prepared for the youngest. The kids learned, among others what animals live in Warsaw’s forests and how much oxygen one tree produces. There were also leaflets and information on the streetcar that would remind you that trams are an ecological means of transport.

The tram line “Forest” rode along the route from Tarchomin Kościelny, through bridge Skłodowskiej-Curie, then Żoliborz to the Center. The Green initiative was organized by Warsaw Trams in cooperation with the City Forests – Warsaw.

Warsaw is one of the many cities in Poland that have long been taking care of the natural environment. We are doing more and more in this area.

In the capital, 22 km of tracks are planted with grass and stonecrop. Lawns decorate the Warsaw streets, suppress noise, and purify the air. When the renovation of the route on ul. Grochowska will arrive another 3.5 km of green tracks. Similar lawns will appear in other districts of the city, including in Białołęka, Gocław and Wilanów. We are more and more conscious residents and therefore we are happy to give up cars for public transport.

  The Saturday initiative of the green tram has pleased the residents so much that we hope for further such courses.


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