As all of you know, Holy week is a very important celebration in Spain, in our town´s case we celebrate it with so much passion.

All this celebration began on Sunday 14th of April,Palm Sunday, where we celebrate the Jesus entrance in Jerusalem. The image of Jesus riding a donkey is taken by young guys and girls, and the people keep going together them with branches of palm trees.

On Monday Holy Week, the church brotherhood, called “Los Obreros”, who takes the images of the virgin “Dolores”, and “Jesus Nazareno”. The procession started at 22:00 in the night and finished at 3:00 am.

OnTuesday and Wednesday Holy Week, the church brotherhood of “La Oración en el Huerto”, carry by Olivenza´s streets ,in the first day,  the Virgin “Angustias”, the “Oración en el Huerto” and the image of “Jesús the la caña Verde” carried by wimen. The band of “El humilladero” companied them. On second day, unluckyly, they couldn´t go aroun the streets because of the weather, but they did an act inside the church of Sta. María del Castillo. Many people went to see and it was acompained by the band Cristo Rey.

On Thursday, its time for the churche brotherhood “Descendimiento”, this procession is called the silent one because no music sounds in it. This procession started at 00:00 , and they did an shorter rute because the inestability of the weather.

On Friday should have to go out all the churches brotherhoods, but they didn´t. It was a difficult decision because it was raining, but they did a little act like on Wednesday.

All finishes on Sunday with the country side bendition, and this little procession is the las of this Holy Week´s year.

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