European Village

European Village is an international project involving various primary
schools across Slovenia. The purpose of the project is to get to know all
the associated members of the European Union. Pupils of elementary
schools throughout the year learn about the chosen country, their history,
culture, customs, customs, national costumes, music, cuisine and
recipes of traditional dishes. They supervise, discuss, prepare materials,
produce posters and formulate a cultural program for the presentation of
the state under mentorship guidance. They then present their work to the
public at the closing event on the day of Europe.
In the school year 2018/19, our school met Poland.
On Wednesday, May 8th, the pupil and pupil of the 3rd grade of our
school spent the day in the company of their peers at Krekov trg in Celje,
where the final event of the European Village project took place. A few
minutes after eight o'clock, the market was revived, as the pupils of 34
primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the Savinjska
region hurried to the booths to put everything in the subjects of history,
geography, Slovene, household, art lessons, prolonged stay and interest
activities to explore , prepare, produce, formulate …
On the stand our students also presented the international book
STRONGER TOGETHER, which arose as a result of cooperation
between Poland and Spain in the CELL project, Erasmus +.
Our pupils danced a traditional Polish dance – Mazurka on stage in front
of many visitors, and thus, in a wonderful way, ended a varied event.
Because we wanted to impress the visitors of our stand as much as
possible and to acquaint them with Poland, we also organized a prize
game for this purpose, where the passers-by shifted their knowledge of

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