Exhibition at the planetarium “See: Earth”

         I cordially invite you to the Copernicus Science Center, where the exhibition about the Earth seen from space continues.

         In childhood, probably everyone wanted to fly into space, put on a protective suit, or see the Earth with their own eyes. Of course, not all of us will have such an opportunity, but thanks to the Copernicus Science Center, at least we can survive a substitute of such an adventure.

During the exhibition, we have the opportunity to visit 20 different exhibits. All exhibits have been arranged on two floors. We have prepared an opportunity to look at the Earth through satellites, in this way the condition of the atmosphere and oceans works, forecasts the weather, predicts potential forest fires, and evaluates the current stage of plant vegetation. While exploring the 2nd floor, we have the opportunity to check where do the cosmonauts take water, how to use satellite tracking, how to use the toilet on a spaceship.

We start the tour on Earth, managing the start of the rocket. After a successful flight, we admire breathtaking views, immortalized by telescopes working in orbit. We learn to forecast weather and read satellite data. We get to know satellites and satellite receivers. We look inside the rocket engine, observe the Sun and the nearest planets. Finally, we can touch the Kosmos, admiring the collection of meteorites.

I think the exhibition is very interesting and recommendable. It stimulates our imagination. Admission is free, so nothing but willingness stands in our way to participate in the event.

Szymon Dziedzic

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