Our school day

Last April 26th, in “Escuelas parroquiales del Sagrado Corazón”, the most important day of the year was celebrated, the school day. A day in which the school opens its doors to all parents and former students, and in general to all people who want to spend a fun morning doing activities that were programmed by the teachers. Each year, from the letter area, the spanish lenguage teachers pick up a book that is read by all the school. This year’s book was “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Lyam Frank. Because of this, the different activities that were made about this book.

The doors opened at nine o’clock in the morning. The students had to wear a yellow or green T-shirt that day with some drawings related to the book, like the scarecrow hat or Dorothy’s shoes, and the word “OZ”. Each class waited in their classroom until half past nine, when it was time to breakfast. Everyone could enjoy a chocolate and a sponge cake.

After breakfast, the workshops began for younger children where they could do bookmarks, keychains and other things. The teachers and the older high school students were responsible for helping them and keeping an order. There was also an exhibition of physics experiments that the students of the ESO did, which was programmed by the science department.

For the most athletic students of our school, the P.E teacher, Mr Victor organized a football tournament that took place on the football field with the collaboration of the sports school “a vila”;. In addition, a professional football player from our region’s team, Jose Jesús Perera López, was invited to offer to the pupils a masterclass to improve in this sport.

The Erasmus plus Cell team showed by computers and photos all the information about the project and the mobilities that have been done in an information point. Many parents who passed were curious and the children who have participated in the project solved all the doubts. They could ensure that was a good experience.

After twelve o’clock, the ”CantinOZ” opened and there the teachers began to do barbecue. Most people went there in search of some soda or grilled sausages, they also sold paella dishes.

Finally, a festival was held in the school’s playground in which primary school students did performances. Moreover, the local flamenco school was invited by our school and the dancers made a demonstration in front of teachers and students of some typical dances of Spain.

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