Warsaw residents in Olivenza

“Erasmus is something much more (…). For me it’s a chance to look at the world from a different perspective, feel and discover new emotions and learn what they do not write about in books. “


  On May 23, 2019, some of our large team operating under the Erasmus CELL project were invited to the Olivenza friend in Warsaw, Spain. The purpose of the trip was to strengthen international cooperation with our friends from Spain and Slovenia, meet new friends, learn English and learn about new European cultures.


  Two hours before departure, which was scheduled for 15.15, we met at the airport. We said goodbye to our parents and our group was under the care of women teachers from our school, headed by Mrs. Małgosia Sobczyk, who supports us in our work on the project every day. Air travel was a great experience for all of us. For organizational reasons we got to Lisbon, in Portugal, and from the airport we went by bus to Olivenza, Spain. The trip lasted for more than 10 hours. Spanish organizers and families of local school pupils who were to host us greeted us on the spot. Together with them, we went home to our first, shared accommodation.



  In the morning we met at the welcome ceremony. After that we had time to get acquainted with colleagues from Spain and Slovenia. We talked, we had lunch together, we took part in team sports activities. In the afternoon we planned carting races in international teams, and after them, until the evening we played at the disco.



  We started the day with a field trip. The local nature was typical of a hot Spanish climate. Low vegetation and dry grass confirmed the prevailing heat and rare rain. After the trip we went to Portugal again, to Campomayor. We planned to visit the most beautiful Coffee Museum in Europe. We learned how coffee beans are obtained, how to distinguish individual species of this unusual plant, how to burn coffee beans and how to properly grind them. After visiting the museum, we went to the El Faro shopping center in Badajoz. We had free time there and we could do some shopping.



  It was an exceptional day because we did not have any plans in common. This day each of us spent completely under the care and in the company of the host family. For me it was an unforgettable day. My friend Alberto, together with my sisters and parents, prepared a party for me. They invited their friends, prepared a barbecue, organized a kayaking trip and the museum exhibits made of paper. I met many new friends, we became friends, we had great fun. I do not know when this wonderful day passed!



  We’ve all been waiting for this Monday for the most part. Very early we went to the beach of El Rompido in Huelva. There were only attractions waiting for us there. We sailed on a sailing boat, catamaran, surfboard and kayaks. It is known that the fun was great. We also relaxed on the beach and there was a refreshment for us. The whole day spent on water games and sunbathing was an amazing fun for us and an unforgettable experience. We returned to our home tired but happy.


  After an exhausting, earlier day, Tuesday was calmer. We spent time on the spot in Olivenza. We visited the town, we were at the oil factory and at the local castle tower. We walked and talked a lot. The meeting ended earlier than usual, around the nineteenth. For us it was the last evening and we had to pack and prepare for the trip.



  At night, we said goodbye to our friends and we took a bus to Lisbon, to the airport. Saying goodbye was sad because we were all very friends and we came together and nobody wanted to finish our meeting. At the airport in Warsaw we were in the afternoon and our parents waited for us there.


  These few days were an amazing adventure and a great experience. I think that we have memories for a lifetime. I hope that our friendships and friendships will be maintained and will result in further meetings. Thank you very much to everyone who took care of us and made us feel that these few days were really special.


See you again, I hope very soon!


Szymon Dziedzic

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