A family picnic for the Children’s Day

On June 1, as every year, we celebrated Children’s Day. On this occasion, a family picnic was organized in our school in Warsaw. All students joined together with their families. The idea was one – great fun.

     Each class prepared refreshments. We could choose from a whole range of great cuisines of the world. So there were stands with traditional Polish cuisine, with dumplings, which of course could not be missed, but also Italian, Greek, American, Australian, Mexican and Japanese delicacies. Next to delicious American hot dogs, we could try Japanese sushi or Mexican tortillas. The hit was cotton candy and boiled corn. Tabasco challenge was organized for the tough guys. Every brave who drank a glass of sharp tabasco received a home-made cake. There was no shortage of willing people!

       There were other attractions besides eating. You could listen to good music, watch our students’ dance shows, give prizes to the winners of many competitions organized throughout the school year, toddlers showed off – the youngest students of our school sang songs and said poems. There was something nice for everyone. The representatives of the language school who encouraged to learn foreign languages as well as medical staff also had their offer. You could detect defects in posture in children and learn to take care of a healthy diet and proper body weight. I paid particular attention to the position of our Erasmus team. There you could buy beautiful, hand-made jewelry, ornaments and learn a lot of interesting details about this project.

    There was something special for the youngest children too. A special zone was organized, where kids could have fun on inflatable, giant slides and have fun decorating the face with special paints.

      Students, with their families did not disappoint. There were a lot of us. The weather was great, in Poland we have real hot weather. We enjoyed ourselves until the afternoon. It is a pity that the next such event will take place next year!

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