The biggest strikes in the public sector in Slovenian history

High school and primary school teachers were involved in the strikes, mostly demanding bigger paychecks and expressing dissatisfaction with our current school system. Apparently, they aren’t treated fairly compared to the doctors and public administration employees for example, making their status in society unjustifiably lower and weaker. Out of the employees who voted, 94,2% of all votes were positive, and people were largely agreeing on the strike.

The first strike took place on February 14th  and the second one on March 14th. Coincidentally, both happened to be on Wednesday and schools were therefore closed, so we had two days off.

The first strike was not successful, hence the second strike. But the teachers finnaly succeeded in March. Some changes are about to happen in our school system and some in the way teachers are being treated in our country, hopefully for the better.


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