ECO day

Keeping our environment clean and cherishing nature’s beauty is really important for all of the living creatures on Earth. Students at our school are well aware of that, so we dedicated a whole day to our planet.

Instead of having to go to class, we were able to participate in a variety of workshops, that were led by our teachers. There was cooking (we prepared delicious tortillas, pudding and vegan muffins), a biking trip, a literature workshop, a recycling workshop (students repurposed tin-cans by making a tin-can robot) and we also tended to our school garden.

We all visited a planetarium that was in our school for the day. It was set inside an igloo like structure and polite experts told us all about the stars, sun, constellations and our galaxy.

I think everyone was able to take something from that day – be it astronomy, ecology etc… It was fun and educational as school should be.


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