April in Poland

April abounded in many interesting events in Poland. At first, between 6th and 8th April there was international competition in artistic gymnastics. There were players from countries such as Armenia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the United States, etc. The admission was free and the arena was full of people. At the same time, there was Animals Days international zoological exhibition. Recently, as many as 43,000 people came to see the exhibition in Warsaw, of course it was worth it.

Let us not forget about the unknowing Easter. It was a time for us full of magic and time spent together with our families. It was possible to spend this time in the National Museum, on a performance or a walk with a guide ‘Warsaw Legends for Easter’. Many possibilities and many different choices. All amazing.

April is also a month of extraordinary concerts. We had Kelly Family, Thirty Seconds to Mars, as well as Macklemore and Metallica. It will be difficult to go all at once!

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