September in Poland Poland

September in Poland is associated with two things: the start of a school year and a number of cultural and entertainment events. The new school year started on the 4th of September. This year polish government decided to delete middle school, so instead of outgoing system 6+3+3 (primary school + middle school + high school) there is the system 8+4, which was in force almost two decades ago. Students who finished 6th class didn’t go to the middle school, but they are in 7th class of primary school.

In September there are a lot of interesting affairs. One of them is “International comic and games festival” in Łódź. It’s the biggest event of this type in Poland and Central Europe. Every year the festival attracts over one hundred artists from all over the world. About two thousand people visit it. The other is “Film festival in Gdynia” – the biggest event promoting polish cinematography. Another important event is “Sacrum Profanum festival” in Cracow. It’s one of the most interesting music events in Europe. It presents modern music. Concerts are performed in many places of different character: Cracow Philharmonic, Oscar Shindler’s Factory, Museum of Urban Engineering, Factory hall in Arcelormittal smelter. The festival is recommended by the British monthly Gramophone.    September is also the beginning of another season. Autumn in Poland is beautiful and gold. Deciduous trees are getting yellow, red, brown and orange colors. Instead of beautiful trees in September we can find a snowfall. In the Tatras mountains, in the south of Poland snow reached 20 centimeters. (Zazanna Włodarska, 7D)

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