(Olivenza, October 2017)

Spain is divided into autonomous communities and you ask,why is this? Well,they are a few delimitations represented by a president who is elected by democracy with provinces consisting of towns and cities and a capital that is “the most important city”,’is as if there were small countries and together they become Europe.Our community is Extremadura and is formed by the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz.

Olivenza is here:

Each community has its own day and the day of Extremadura is celebrated on 8th of September, and every year the extremeños(demonym of Extremadura) go out to the streets of our towns and cities,to celebrate we are proud of our community. Different activities are done at each site;both cultural and social. The morning began with a breakfast of crumbs or churros with hot chocolate and migas.

             (typical food of Extremadura) at 9 a.m.

At 10 a.m an official act was made with our mayor in one of the town squares.

The day continued with activities in the center of the village has canteens to eat, some concerts such as the group Acetre (music group of Olivenza), workshops of facial painting, henna,and enabled a enclosure for young people for dancing,be with friends….controlled by the police.

It’s a fun day and this year it was perfect!






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