Meetings with interesting people

On the 5th of October our school was visited by Patrick Ney “PaddislawWedrowniczek” – a famous British businessman, speaker and youtuber living in Poland since 2010. Mr Patrick told us about his life in Poland, the beginnings in our country and presented us his priorities. The meeting was an amazing experience full of wise thoughts and descriptions of funny situations that happened to him in Poland. Mr Ney is a great guy. You can check him out on the YouTube or Facebook.

On the 11th of October students had opportunity to meet Ryan Socash (check his youtube account “Kult America”). The meeting was great because Mr Ryan spoke English all the time. He told us about the USA, his job in Poland and answered a lot of questions. Maksymilian Grela – graduate of our school and currently youtuber – “TheMax” also visited our school at that time. We could take photos and get autographs. It was an awesome day.

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