On the 22nd October, the elections for the new president of Slovenia took place, even though the possible result was expected way ahead.

The candidates were:
– Borut Pahor (our current president, that will most likely keep the position)
– Marjan Šarec
– Romana Tomc
– Ljudmila Novak
– Andrej Šiško
– Boris Popovič
– Maja Makovec Brenčič
– Suzana Lara Krause
– Angela (Angelca) Likovič
Borut Pahor is currently in the lead by getting 47,10% of votes and behind him is Marjan Šarec with 24,93% of all the votes. These two are going to battle it out in the 2nd round on 12th November.
There are 8 electoral units which are on the map down below.
We can assume that most people voted for Borut Pahor because he was already the president and did his job quite well… Most people are (or will be) happy with him keeping the position.
Slovenian elections
Slika v vrstici 2
Electoral units
Our candidates (Borut Pahor in the bottom right corner)
Slika v vrstici 5
Votes in percentage

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